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Join the Cisco Digital Signage Revolution!

Billboards, dry erase markers, and print materials are inefficient and antiquated. With Cisco Digital Signage, your organization can efficiently and effectively learn, grow, communicate and collaborate. Go beyond static. Go Bailey Communications for a complete platform of interactive media experiences.

Imagine being able to collaborate with your staff using interactive displays. Imagine engaging your customers with presentations that not only capture their attention but create interaction, increased satisfaction and retention. Imagine increasing your bottom line simply by using an innovative system to display your services and products. That's what Cisco Digital Signage and Interactive Services can do for you!

Cisco Digital Signage isn't simply signage; it creates a complete new and exciting experience for your organization!

How Can Cisco Digital Signage Be Used?

  • Executive and organizational communications
  • Training
  • Customer, patient, or citizen interaction
  • Directions and transportation information
  • Safety and security

Cisco's Interactive Services realize multiple benefits that come with using digital signage.

Benefits That Come Along With Digital Signage

  • Delivering compelling end-user experiences
  • Engaging new and existing customers
  • Capturing additional sources of revenue
  • Increasing operational efficiencies
  • Increasing customer retention
  • Reducing costs - improving efficiency
  • Increase revenues

And, don't forget the Enterprise Content Video System. Imagine being able to share critical video with your employees and staff at anytime from anywhere. Using your existing WAN infrastructure, the video system is:

  • Predictable
  • Scalable
  • Versatile
  • Optimizes video distribution
  • Live or on-demand

Then there's Cisco Media Transformation. Without increasing your IT responsibilities, this addition can add live streamed video to transform digital signage into:

  • A portal for live event coverage
  • Employee training sessions
  • Inter-organization communications
  • Public safety alerts

Is Digital Signage Right For Your Organization?

  • Do you want to increase visibility?
  • Do you want to build brand loyalty?
  • Do you want a value added proposition?
  • Do you want to increase productivity?
  • Do you want to decrease training time?
  • Do you want flexibility in transmitting information?
  • Do you want to make your current network systems more valuable?
  • Do you want to reduce perceived wait time resulting in increased customer satisfaction?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, then Cisco Digital Signage offered by Bailey Communications is the choice for you!

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