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NEW! Network Emergency Response Vehicle (N.E.R.V)
Network Emergency Response Vehicle N.E.R.V Van

Introducing Bailey Communications N.E.R.V. Van (Network Emergency Response Vehicle). Bailey Communications new mobile service department is filled with replacement parts and 2 network monitors. This new vehicle allows our team to address potential issues as we are driving to your location!

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State Term Pricing

State Term Pricing Cisco

Bailey Communications is an Ohio State Term Schedule Vendor. Bailey Communications offers special contract pricing on Cisco Systems, Inc. equipment and installation for state and local government. State contract #533110.

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We are a leading provider of network solutions and interactive classrooms for schools, non-profit organizations, and private businesses. We provide integrated solutions that meet your needs and protect your investment through our individually designed Customer Support Agreements. We identify, execute, and manage your demands, keeping you within budget and on the cutting edge of technology.

We take pride in offering products and services that elevate our industry presence above the competition including:

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